Reynaldo Urmatan Simpauco Jr. was born in Monterey, California in 1991.  Raised in Seaside, California, Simpauco studied several of the visual arts including photography, drawing, ceramics, screen printing, and design.  He earned his BA in Design Studies from San Jose State University in 2015 and also received his AA degree from Monterey Peninsula College in 2013.  Simpauco lives and works in San Jose, California where he is currently a freelance graphic designer.  He plans to always continue growing as a student of art and a student of life.
"Art is life.  Everything that we see, everything that we do, everything that we think is an art.  It is a way for humans to think critically in terms of the way that their very own mind works.  Although we are all the same as a whole, each and every one of us thinks, believes, and acts differently.  The Arts are a powerful set of skills and those fortunate enough to embrace their talents are truly expressing their individualities.  By expressing our individuality, whether it is through visual, performing, cultural, psychological, or martial arts, we showcase our passion and desire for infinite learning.  No matter which art form dominates a person’s mind, their creativity will always aim to master the craft they were born to master.  Each of us are born with a set of skills that makes us individuals.  Some people are able to identify their talents whereas many people will never discover them in their lifetime.  Each of us has a unique style and attraction to certain things that we find necessary for everyday living.  Our interests allow us to grow and flourish.  This is the foundation of our creativity and what sets us apart from others.  These are the things we value and treasure.  Art is Life and Life is Love."